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What is an isbn and why do i need one?

An International Standard Book Number is a controlled, 10 to 13-digitIdentification number allowing publishers, book dealers, and libraries to locate books. An ISBN number canít be used twice, for instance an ISBN number for an E-Book cannot be used for a printed book. Every package thatís sold on Tiggio Publishing will include a free ISBN number. Once you receive your ISBN number it will include the prefix Tiggio. Tiggio will be listed as your publisher on record. Also, if want to use your own ISBN number for your E-Book, then your publisher info will be listed instead. If you like to read more information on why you need an ISBN number, then see

Your isbn number gives you your book identity!

Every new edition to your work of art will require a new ISBN, so the industry will be able to differentiate the different editions and formats.For example if your work of art is formatted to be a hardcover, E-Book in EPUB, or paperback, then the industry will be able to track the sales of your different books. Also, this will allow your readers and businesses to be able to purchase the precise account of your book in their desired design.



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