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Promote Your Book Fair

Promote Your Book Fair For FREE!

It would be an honor for the Tiggio Publishing staff to tell the world about your Book Fair. We think that it's awesome for you to show off the works of your favorite authors. So we're here to help you do just that. It may take us up to three to five days to post the information about your Book Fair, so please don't hesitate to send us your information right away. 

However please keep this in mind; we will not check for any errors in your post, it will be your responsibility to read through and correct any of the information that you will send us. It will also be your responsibility to keep track of the dates, and times of your fair.

Where can I find my promotion?

Your Book Fair will be promoted on our Tiggio Blogs and More website, and by clicking here you get to see all of your book fair promotions.


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