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E-Book Distribution

E-book Distribution

Now that you have your masterpiece converted into an E-Book, now is the time to ask yourself what now? Well now is the time to distribute your E-Book; so please look at our different distribution options, so you can take your dream further.


Extravagant distribution

Our Extravagant Distribution packages includes hand formatting, revisions, your own ISBNs, and an EPUB and MOBI conversion, to help you garner success although we can't guarantee success. Also this package will help you with distribution to iBookstore and Amazon. Yes, there is more good news, because we will work with Apple, Barnes and Nobles, and Amazon on your behalf to make sure that you get paid.


There are eReaders all over the world, so it's a good idea to have your newly created masterpiece read all over the world. Your E-Book will be submitted to Kobo,, the Sony Reader Store, iBookstore, Amazon,and Barnes and Noble.

Our Global Distribution allows international retailers to pick up your E-Book based on content, language, and field.

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Here's a Note for You:Tiggio is not responsible for your uploaded file; also we will not make any changes to your ePub design. Tiggio Publishing staff greatest note from this point is, before you attempt to submit your file make sure it's error free. We the People of Tiggio will make every attempt to help supply you with the best tools to make your publishing adventure is a success.Disclaimer: Companies such as Apple reserves the right to accept or deny content for availability on the iBookstore. Compare our Packages

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