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eBook Services

Digital Formatting and Distribution (E-Book)

You will be pleased to know that the services that Tiggio offers you will be able to use on multiple digital devices services. We feel that our service is a good service because itís ever changing market, and we like to be your one stop shop.

Digitally formatting your book is very important because this will allow you to sell you product on different digital devices. Also our services with allow you to adjust the font size of your Ebook to make it more readable.


File format friendly

Here's a list of the eBook conversions thatís accepted on Tiggio:

Word (.doc, .docx)
Rich Text (.rtf)
Text (.txt)
HTML (.html)
PDF (.pdf)
InDesign (.indd)
Pages (.pages)
Quark (.qxd)

Once youíre prepared to publish your epub file, then you should be excited because you will be able to use that file for an Amazon Kindle, Kobo Books, Google eBookstore, Sonyģ Reader, Barnes & Noble Nook, iBookstore, and also the iPhone and the iPad. With our service you will be able to reach customers all over the world.

Here a note for you:

      To create a market-ready ePub file, then you will have to supply Tiggio with an Adobe InDesign file or a Microsoft Word file. Also you may want to know that you canít create PDFs from ePub files.

      Tiggio is not responsible, and we will not make any changes to your ePub design. You may want to check on the type of file before you attempt to submit, because some designs will not be supported in your ePub formats. We the People of Tiggio will make every attempt to help supply you with the best tools, to make your publishing adventure a success.

Disclaimer: Companies such as Apple reserves the right to accept or deny content for availability on the iBookstore.

What You Need to Know

To complete a success publishing then you will have to have files thatís less than 50MB in size. Our goal for your book is to be marketed the best that we can, so thatís why will digitally format and distribute your eBook for you if you like us to. This service is available in each one of our ePublishing packages. If you can any other questions please give us call, or you can send us a chat at any time.


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