The Roles of an Advertising Agency.

An Advertisement Agency is a team of professionals that follows a sequence of steps to market a product or service for a client: Brand Strategy, Presence, Planning, and Market Evaluation.

Brand Strategy– the Consulate works with the Customer and Agency as she/he creates marketing and media plans.

Presence – Then you have the Art Directory and Graphic Designer. Who’s responsible for the brand colors, logo, and website?

Copywriter – The sole job of the copywriter is to write a convincing claim for the client

Web Developer – The client will design a website for client surrounding the brand’s guidelines.

The exchange with the team has to work on all cylinders as they have to create a brand presence by following the brand’s guidelines. The brand will receive a name, logo, claim and packaging.

Next we will list all of your brand guidelines which will be written in a corporate manual.

Medial Planning: Brand presence will be created which will consist of the following poster, flyer, ad commercial, and a Google Adwords campaign. Once the consultant and makes confirmation the will campaign will go live. As you start receiving sales we will review your campaign, we will optimize your campaign for any unsuccessful ideas.

Our Advertisement Agency Services


  • Integrated, Full- Service
  • Content Creation
  • Interactive Design & Creation


  • Brand Makeup
  • Brand Establishment
  • Brand Protocol
  • Optical Imprint System
  • The Dispatch Plan


  • Media Planning
  • PPC, SMM, & SEO
  • Media Engagement Tactics
  • Buying & Negotiating


  • Campaign Analysis
  • Market Testing: Audience & Content
  • Business Tactics
  • Profile Development