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Basic E-book Publishing
$ 190.00
Essential Design
Extravagant Design
Professional Package
ISBN Assignment Included Included Included Included
Book Cover Design Included Included Included
Online Distribution-yes Included Included Included
Blog & Tweet Included Included
Phone and Chat Support Included Included Included Included
Sell In Ebook Store Included Included Included Included
Author Website Included


Depending on the number of words, images, footnotes, etc. in your book, some additional fees may apply. We assess all books before we start formatting, so get as close as you can in this step (we'll double-check later).

Manuscript Word Count

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*If there are more than 75,000 words, each additional word will be billed at $0.0018/word0.00$

Image Count

(Photos / Charts / Graphs)

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*If there are more than 10 images, each additional image will be billed at $3/image0.00$


Please note:If you choose to purchase editing services, you must upload your book in a Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) format.

You entered word count:

Essential Editing
1 round copy edit, $0.020/word0.00$

Extravagant Editing
1 round copy edit, 1 round developmental editing, $0.035/word0.00$


I understand that I must upload my manuscript in Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx) format to purchase editing.


This option will give the facility to publish the book in the home page featured listing or in the featured listing under the category section

Home Featured
This option will publish your ebook in the featured listing under the home page200.00$

Section Featured
This option will publish your ebook in the featured listing under the category section 100.00$


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