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Promotion Services
Our neighbors at the Tiggio Printshop have all of your necessary materials that you can use to further impress all of your potential E-Book readers. At the Tiggio Printshop you can design or refashion postcards, business cards, bookmarks, and posters. Also, don't forget to purchase these materials for your next Book Fair or your next Book Signing. 

At your next book fair give every customer an autographed book mark so that they want loose their place while they're reading your wonderful book. Our Tiggio Printshop staff will make you the best customer friendly bookmark, also will make your bookmark unforgettable. 


500 Business Cards
You may want to have the best traveling materiel as you travel your daily journey. One of the pieces to hand out to potential readers of your most precious words are business cards. 


100 Posters
Now it’s time to let the world know about your Ebook exist. You can pass out your posters at your local store; place your poster in a local book store, or the next book fair. Another use for your poster is to give them away with your autographed signature. Once you use your posters to let the world know that your masterpiece exist, then the sales of your book make be able to grow greatly. Your new printed is 11x17, and we’ll use the best resolution to capture your audience.


500 Postcards
You will see that it always pays to let the world know that your book now exist. So the next step is to find the address to of your closes family and friends so that you can now mail them a postcard. One of the best ways to give back to yourself is to mail a thank you postcard with your personal book cover of your book. 


Social Media

You can let our team promote you and/or your company’s kick-off campaign with our social media program. I know what you must be thinking, what do I do now that I’ve published my book or opened my company. I need more friends on my Facebook fan page, I need more Twitter followers, or do I get more views from the video that you had us to design. Well you don't have to look any further. You can choose any three of the six items on our Social Media program, and you'll start seeing results right-away.

  • Give your Facebook Fanpage over 500 followers
  •  Add 10,000 Twitter followers to your Twitter account
  • Add 1000 followers to your Instagram account
  • Provide your YouTube channel with over 10,000 unique views
  • Provide you with 1000 Pinterest followers, 1000 repins, and 1000 likes on up to 3 pins
  • Add 50+ Google +1 votes to increase your SE ranking


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