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How to publish your eBook:

What are eBooks?

E-Books simply mean electronic books. Your downloadable book is typically accessed on different devices such as a Microsoft Surface, an Apple iPad, an Amazon Kindle, a Barnes & Noble NOOK, or your home computer. These devices are the main reason why people are abandoning their traditional spine book. We live in a world where people want things here and now; so after you publish your E-Book in our Tiggio E-Book Store, you can then start earning money from your E-Book today from customers worldwide.

PDFs are not E-Books!

NO, PDFs are not E-Books. Although PDFs are electronic files, they are very different from an E-Book. A PDF cannot be read like an E-Book, because a PDF is the file that's used when you want to print your book. That is one reason why a book from print and an electronic book might look quite different. When an E-Book was created it sole purpose was to be used on an eReader. What makes an E-Book different is that it's designed to be manipulated. By having the means to manipulate the E-Book readers are given the most love. The two top formats that are read on eReaders are .EPUB and .MOBI. Before you attempt to publish your E-Book anywhere, please be sure that the publishing company software is formatted to those formats. If you don't do your research first then you will not be able to upload your file on any major E-Book retailers.

Upload Your File

Congrats on finishing your work of art! Now the next question you should ask yourself is how to get your stroke of genius in front of potential E-Book buyers today. Before you begin with our E-Book Publishing procedure, please look through our services section so you may know what's best for your readers. Also, if you purchase a package that includes a custom E-Book Cover, then please allow us to create your E-Book Cover before you attempt to publish your E-Book Cover. You can also purchase an premade custom cover from our E-Book Cover section in our Store. If your custom E-Book Cover is finished then by all means upload your file now.

E-Book Covers

Did you know that a great book cover is just as important as the words in the book? What makes your book cover important is that it's the first thing that your reader sees. Believe it or not but a book cover can put your reader in the mood to read your book. In most of our packages it includes a custom E- Book design. We will work with you so that we can create the perfect book cover for you. You can design your E-Book cover with some of the themes that you see once you begin your publishing process. Also, we have E-Book Covers that are predesigned in our Store. Don't hesitate and browse through our E-Book Covers now.

Please Describe Your E-Book

Now is the time for you to say some great words about your E-Book. It's always a good idea to give a brief description about your book. This step may be the most important step after writing a good manuscript of course. The description that you give for your E-Book will be read by potential readers from around the world. After a potential reader clicks past your beautiful E- Book cover, then the next thing that they would like to see is what your book is about.

Pick a Price

Here at Tiggio, once you purchase one of our packages, you will keep 100% of your royalties. Before you select the price for your E-Book, we feel that you should take a look at the prices for E-Books that are in the same genre as yours. Also, you may want to experiment with different prices; as you can change the price of your E-Book in your My Tiggio panel at any time. Please be advised that some E-Book Retailers will force their own guidelines that will reflect your commission rates.

Promote Your Book

Once again congratulations on writing your E-Book, however there is still more work to be done. The next thing you need to consider is how you are going to let the world know about your new masterpiece? You can now sell your masterpiece in our Tiggio E-Book Store. We have many readers that stop by our store to browse through our many E-Books, and you never know when your book could be one of the ones to gather attention. Also, you may want to sign up with our worldwide distribution friends, where you may reach readers on the IBookstore, or Amazon.

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